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Jay P Home Stay – PG hostel near Amity University Noida Sector 126
August 7, 2018
Best PG Near Amity University Noida – Jay P Homestay
August 11, 2018
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It’s the season of admissions these days and time to move out of your home for home studies and look for accommodations. If you get a seat in the hostel of your own college, you are in luck. But if you don’t get a place in hostel, you can find the best PG near Amity University Noida or get a flat. A lot of students look for PG near Amity Noida over independent houses for various reasons. You can get food and furnishings in a PG instead of flats where you have to cook food yourself and arrange all the furniture. But you need to consider these things to get the better deal –

Get rent agreement – Lease agreement for more than one year needs registration and license agreement. If agreement lasts more than one year between student and landlord, registration is mandatory and student should insist on same.

Do some police verification – It is important for landlords to do police verification in most states.

You can get accommodation without guardians – There are different students often deny accommodation without local guardian. But it is not important to have local guardians if you are an adult.

Make sure owners pay tax on time – Sometimes PGs are shut down because of not paying tax. Before you enter into legal agreement with landlord for accommodation in hostels near Amity University Noida, be sure to check with owner whether he has fulfilled all the permissions or licenses required to run PG from the authorities. This way, you can save yourself from legal troubles because of fault of owner.

Your landlord should return security deposit – You may have to pay security deposit in advance and serve notice period for one month before leaving the place. Beware of owners who don’t return security deposit.

About Jay P Home Stay

Located only 5 minutes of walking distance from Amity Campus, Jay P Home Stay is the best hostels near amity university noida sector 125. We have airy rooms with ample ventilation which are maintained well by housekeepers. For more details, contact us at +91-8800767574.

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