Hostels Near Amity University Noida

Hostels near amity university noida

The Jay P Homestay hostels near Amity University Noida are the best place for the students, professionals and other who prefer neat, clean, peaceful and fully protected paying guest for a comfortable stay. The assurance of the comfortable stay and the best food is provided by the hospitality background of the owner Mr Girish Verma, who has been in the business for more than 15 years. He is also running PG accommodations in the Greater kailash and East of kailash for 5000 guests.

The background of the owner is that he was running a hotel in Canada and he has gained a lot of experience of how to manage the hotel business. Our hostel provides the best nutritional home cooked food 3 times a day to the residents. The facilities and arrangement at the PG hostels near Amity campus Noida match the best the pg industry could offer. Each room is air conditioned, has comfortable beds, mattresses, chairs, study table, attached bathroom, adequate lighting, large window for natural light, and luxurious interiors. The common facilities include 24 hours power and water back up, high speed Internet, Wi Fi zones on each floor, doctors on call and spacious dining hall. The dining hall has proper arrangement with chairs, tables, RO water, and fridge.

The location of the campus enables the students to just walk to the campus in five minutes. The walking distance means that students do not have to spend precious time in commuting. We also ensure peaceful environment both outside and inside of the campus, which helps our guests to pursue studies without disturbance during day or night. Since we do not allow outside person to come inside, students can work without disturbance. Our strict security arrangement makes us the best PG for girl students. All in house staff will have identity cards to ensure that only the authorized persons are roaming inside the PG. The daily services of our trained housekeeping staff and maintenance staff give hygiene environment for students living here. We also made sure that the students should get easy access to entertainment centers, transport hubs, local and branded markets and restaurants etc by choosing the place which is linked with highly developed transport infrastructure. The experience of Mr Verma in handling accommodations and transportation requirement of Samsung staff in Bangalore for 5 years has enabled him to create the best pg for boys and girls.

All Essentials of pg accomodation

Rented house means owing to the entire house while. But, PG offers the specialties which are not offered by the other flat providers. Hostels near amity noida have someone who looks after you. Just like a mother, there is someone who cooks food for you, do laundries for you, provide you the housekeeping services, take care of your health. your security is the priory for the PG Hostels Near Amity Campus Noida. CCTV Cameras and security guards are available for the services. Records of the visitors in PG Hostels near Amity Campus Noida are maintained well.

No other member than staff can entre in our space. All the staff members of PG Hostels near Amity Campus Noida are provided with the identity cards. People staying in our PG need to sign before leaving and upon coming back within the given time limits. Meals as per the request can be prepared. Meals are served thrice in a day in the PG hostels near amity campus noida. People have the liberty to go to the kitchen and cook if they want to prepare the meal for themselves. Usually, the kitchen and electric gadgets are not allowed in the PG but PG Hostels near Amity Campus Noida providing these services.